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  • 1611 Sherman Ave
  • Evanston, IL 60201
  • Across from Target


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About Cold Stone®

For more than 30 years Cold Stone Creamery® Evanston, IL has been serving up the finest, freshest Ice Cream Creations™, Cakes, Shakes and Smoothies. We use only the highest quality ingredients and mix your custom Ice Cream Creation on our frozen granite stone.

Did you know our Ice Cream is hand-crafted and made fresh in every store? It’s true! We are proud to serve you our super-premium Ice Cream, churned from the finest ingredients and mixed to order on our frozen granite store with your choice of Candy, Cakes, Fruits or Nuts.

Skip the line and order your favorite ice cream Creation, ice cream cookie sandwiches or ice cream cupcakes online for pick-up or delivery. Cold Stone Creamery also has specialty cakes for every occasion. There is always something to celebrate, so stop in at Cold Stone Creamery Evanston, IL.

Order Cold Stone Creamery Online in Evanston, IL for pick-up or delivery.

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Online Ordering, take-out, and delivery services still available. *Available at select locations

Reviews by Google

  • C J

    11/10/21 - One of my favorite places to get ice-cream! I love getting sweet cream with oreos and red velvet cake. my fav! The employees were super sweet and friendly:)

  • Izzy McDermott

    10/09/21 - This Cold Stone is great! I see how hard the employees work, I truly appreciate it!

  • deneuve crockett

    10/09/21 - The ice cream is actually really really yummy here I love the banana flavor it literally taste exactly like bananas 😭 also the staff is sooooo sweet and down to earth and they’re very helpful when you don’t know what to put in your ice cream. They have really quick service even when it’s really obviously busy and I’m def going back again and again ‼️‼️

  • mehveen ahmed

    09/24/21 - Hands down the best ice cream! Love coming here and getting my ice cream fix. My go to flavor is the banana one with roasted pecans and almonds . Some days the lines can get long but it is definitely worth the wait. Haven’t been here for a long long time but if you haven’t tried their ice cream, you are missing out. Oh and they have great ice cream cakes as well.

  • Bagyo Policarpio

    08/19/21 - *I know many shop owners are busy and typically only wanna see positive reviews cause they are stressed out already, so I will start with that. After this paragraph is some constructive criticism, with solutions attached to them. Positive Review: Ruben and Hannah were there around 1:50 PM 8/18/21 if I remember their names correctly?? Sorry if I didn't I will edit this later when I find my receipt. I wrote their names down somewhere but I forgot where I put the piece of paper, somewhere in the car. Anyway, positive attitude, they knew what they were doing, they WORKED GREAT together as an actual TEAM, helping each other out and communicating with each other. I have seen a little of that from my previous visits but these two are a dynamic duo, made it look like some choreographed dance. They actually looked like they wanted to do their job , wanted to help each other, and wanted to help the customer.

    *Negative review .. This is COMPLETELY UNRELATED to the review ABOVE*

    I personally DO NOT want to write negative reviews. A few times I was extremely tempted to do so because of poor service *not from the two workers mentioned above*.
    I didn't write a negative review because I noticed a high turnover rate for the staff, its like people vanish all the time. I wish I could have written a review for the girl that did my very first cold stone shake, she was super nice and gave me the leftovers and I kept coming back ever since.
    Maybe that was one of the staffers working today and I just didn't recognize her.

    Short version *
    Problem: new staff often make the same mistakes as other new staff, too much of a coincidence.
    Possible Cause: Too much too fast (too much to remember and memorize before they are thrown into the fire)

    Solution: staff need more training (or change the training method being used) or more practice or small laminated reminders on each station (a picture reminder is easier to use than written instructions alone)
    *personally I say make them do the motions 5 times in a "PRETEND ORDER"* this will imprint the sequence. Then move them to the backroom to train them on something different. Bring them back to the front and redo the previous job 5 more times.

    Problem 2: SOME staff appear to not wanna be there
    Solution: We all know the solution to this one.
    *However, we know that staff is hard to find nowadays*
    Compromise: verbal greeting script training: and perhaps stick a picture of their favorite animal on the register when they punch in so they can trigger a smile right before they say the scripted greeting to a customer.

    Intro to problem 3
    Love it shake, often gets plenty of leftovers (i have seen leftovers bigger than the shake itself left in the blender because of wrong scooper).
    The main problem though is below *EVEN WITH THE RIGHT SCOOPER*

    Problem 3: when someone orders lots of toppings, half the toppings gets mixed in with the overflow. Not a problem when the worker is nice and understands that you already PAID for it anyway.
    CAUSE: the toppings add volume, even with the right scoop. If the worker MAKES A MISTAKE by using the wrong scoop or OVERSCOOPING, the solution is still the same below.

    Solution: give the overflow in a separate cup
    or: submit to corporate that you need a bigger cup for people who love toppings. *i mean, isn't the toppings thing the main draw for this brand to begin with?*

    reduce the scooping when you recognize the volume of topping being added. (which they ask you in the beginning anyway so they KNOW. EX:big toppings like every brownie = minus 1 scoop, , small toppings= half or 1/3 scoop. ) So: love it shake =6 small scoops - 1 scoop for brownie, -1 scoop for an order of double peanut butter. -1 scoop for fudge, marshmallows and almonds.

    OR: MILK first, then drop the toppings , based on how HIGH it went up, reduce the scoop of ice cream afterwards , mark the blender "fill line" with a sharpie

    Problem 4&Solution: they need a long tiny spoon or spatula to scrape the shake out of the blender, instead of having them wiggle it around all the time.


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