Gift Cards FAQ

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Are there set denominations for the gift cards?

In stores, Cold Stone Creamery® gift cards can be loaded with any amount from $3 to $250. When purchasing Gift Cards and eGifts online, you may choose any value from $5 to $100. 

What if my Cold Stone Gift Card is lost or stolen?

Treat your gift card like you would cash; the value of the lost or stolen card is non-refundable.

Will I be able to use my Cold Stone Gift Card if the magnetic stripe is damaged?

You can use a gift card with a damaged magnetic stripe as long as the numbers on the card are legible, the card's balance can be verified, and transactions can be processed manually by keying in the number on the card.

Where can I use my Cold Stone Gift Card?

Our Gift Card is accepted at participating Cold Stone Creamery and Tim Hortons® Cold Stone Creamery® locations in the US (includes Puerto Rico and Guam). Please use our store locator to find a Cold Stone Creamery near you.

How do I check the balance on my Cold Stone Gift Card?

If you’d like to check the balance of a gift card or speak with a gift card specialist, please call 1-800-832-0714.

Can I reuse or add more value to my Cold Stone Gift Card?

Definitely! Our Gift Cards were designed to be reused. You can add value to your gift card at your local Cold Stone Creamery.

Can I buy gift cards in bulk?

Of course! Just click here to make a bulk gift card purchase.

Can I buy discounted Cold Stone Gift Cards on auction sites and online gift card exchange websites?

Please beware of gift card resale websites, including auction sites and online exchange sites, when purchasing Cold Stone Creamery Gift Cards. There have been reports of fraudulent gift cards being sold and exchanged and gift cards containing invalid card numbers. We do not guarantee any balances on gift cards purchased through auction sites or online exchange websites. Cold Stone Gift Cards are available through various retailers around the country. If you have a question regarding a specific website and its legitimacy, please contact

Does Cold Stone Creamery charge a service fee for unused balances on Gift Cards?

No. There is no service fee charge for an unused balanced on your Cold Stone Gift Card.

Do Cold Stone Gift Cards have an expiration date?

No. Cold Stone Gift Cards don’t expire.