Master Franchisee Testimonials

At Cold Stone Creamery/Kahala, we like to rely on the saying, “What others say about us is more important than what we say about ourselves.” Here are a few testimonials from our international master franchisees:

"Everything we need, Kahala finds a way to help us. The help and support we are receiving has tremendously exceeded our expectations, and everything has been provided to us."


"The support from the international team has been fabulous, much more than I anticipated."


"They are very helpful, they are open to different ideas and helping with anything we ask for, they listen to you and give you all their support."


"The Director of International who’s been here several times shares a lot of great ideas, and shares information on the best practices and success programs from all over the world. This provides us with many potential opportunities and quite a bit of excitement as we continue to develop the brand across the GCC."


"Dealing with over 40 Franchisors and Licensors, I must say our collaboration with Kahala is by far one of our most positive experiences. It is a true cooperation, ready to tackle any obstacle, and Kahala provides full support in all aspects of the business."