Cold Stone Creamery

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  • (937) 952-6000
  • 135 Jasper Street,
  • Dayton, OH 45409
  • University of Dayton - University Shoppes


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About Cold Stone®

For more than 30 years Cold Stone Creamery® Dayton, OH has been serving up the finest, freshest Ice Cream Creations™, Cakes, Shakes and Smoothies. We use only the highest quality ingredients and mix your custom Ice Cream Creation on our frozen granite stone.

Did you know our Ice Cream is hand-crafted and made fresh in every store? It’s true! We are proud to serve you our super-premium Ice Cream, churned from the finest ingredients and mixed to order on our frozen granite stone with your choice of Candy, Cakes, Fruits or Nuts.

Skip the line and order your favorite ice cream Creation, ice cream cookie sandwiches or ice cream cupcakes online for pick-up or delivery. Cold Stone Creamery also has specialty cakes for every occasion. There is always something to celebrate, so stop in at Cold Stone Creamery Dayton, OH.

Order Cold Stone Creamery Online in Dayton, OH for pick-up or delivery.

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Online Ordering, take-out, and delivery services still available. *Available at select locations

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Reviews by Google

  • Nathan Dale

    09/20/23 - As a current employee of this establishment I just want to say that this store; first and foremost is in the midst of a rebuilding phase. Their has been many negative reviews on this store and I’m here to report the whole story. First off our store has suffered a huge turnover due to a number of reasons ranging from unrealistic expectations from a small company to poor employee performance. As for our GM and our owner both of them are amazing hardworking “PEOPLE.” I post the people in all caps because they both are human beings and with that being said they make mistakes like all other human beings do. I was hired on about three months ago as a shift lead and I will say to the reviews about training; the training will only come to you if you are a proactive person seeking for knowledge and desiring to learn your job and perfecting your role in the company. However Our GM is a wonderful woman who even on her off days is always a phone call away to answer any questions you may have. I have been chosen since being hired on to move up as an assistant manager In training and I will say that the cleanliness of the store has been attributed to employees who don’t follow instructions or desire to be payed for doing little to no work. Since being a team member of this establishment I and the rest of our management crew have spent countless hours cleaning and organizing this store to reach its full potential. On the topic of GM of this store, I mentioned earlier she is a wonderful woman but the people who want to post horrible things about her don’t take into account that this woman has worked multiple weeks on end without a day off just so her employees could get their days off and she has been completely reasonable with her demands and has been in my opinion carrying this store on her back for the longest time. Since I have joined the company I can say that I too am now doing my best to put in the work in making sure that the team is becoming trained where I can and even working on the customer service side of things. My customers always know that I appreciate them and hope to see them back soon. The store is by know means perfect but I can say that it is gaining its cleanliness professionalism and it’s customer service back as fast as possible. May I also put to all these negative reviews that instead of posting a stabbing comment to a small business that ruins its chances in growing to its full potential; try being a part of the solution and contacting the management team and addressing constructive criticism that allows us to serve the people of Jasper street and Dayton properly. So in closing I just want to let all the people of Dayton know that whether you have had a bad experience or a good experience in this store you should definitely give us a second chance as I have seen huge strides in the right direction towards success.

  • Misti Adamson

    09/10/23 - This was my first time ever going to cold stone! It was amazing!

  • shawn stocks

    06/15/23 - It was first time taking my girlfriend and we really did like..

  • Brian Walker

    05/01/23 - I've gone here several times with my fiancé for ice cream and they have both treated is well and served us quickly. The creaminess of the ice cream is also very appealing. Would definitely recommend!

  • José Treviño

    12/16/22 - Awesome, as always!


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