Alaska Warms Up With Ice Cream

Cold Stone Creamery’s “Coolest” Location

Alaska LOVES Ice Cream!


Ice Cream, it’s one of life’s simple pleasures, enjoyed by people from all walks of life, in all regions of the country. Although, when you think of enjoying a delicious scoop of Ice Cream, you don’t typically think of doing it in Alaska. But believe it or not, Alaska LOVES Ice Cream!

Situated in the northernmost and westernmost part of the country, with a subarctic climate, Alaska is home to over 700,000 people and is often referred to as ‘The Last Frontier.’ For Cold Stone Creamery®, it was far from last. In fact, it was one of the first markets in which the Cold Stone® brand entered after first setting down roots in Arizona and Colorado.

It started with a man named Dan Farr who boldly announced he wanted to open a Cold Stone® store in Anchorage, Alaska. As farfetched as it seemed, he was determined to make it a reality. As the Alaska location flourished, it was apparent that the Cold Stone brand had what it took to become a national Ice Cream favorite.

Today, Cold Stone continues to dish up delicious Signature Creations™ to residents and visitors of Alaska. Franchise Owner Greg Persinger has spent over 10 years with Cold Stone and currently operates three locations throughout the state including Wasilla, Eagle River, and Fairbanks.

“Ice Cream is sort of a comfort food. Even when it's really cold outside, it's warm inside, so you can still enjoy a treat,” said Greg.

Greg knows firsthand that even when the temps dip down, customers will line up. It has even been said that Alaska consumes more Ice Cream per capita than any other place! Now that’s a lot of Ice Cream! And what’s one of their favorite flavors? Banana of all things! A tropical fruit, grown in warm, exotic locales, far from the state in which they live. But it’s not always cold in Alaska. In the summertime, temperatures can even reach 80 degrees at times. Due to the state’s latitude, the sun never really sets, creating extra-long days to enjoy Ice Cream.

“In the winter you might only have four hours of daylight, and then in the summer there is one point in time when the sun doesn't really go down all the way. That’s when we see a lot more activity,” said Greg.

Whether you’re wearing flip flops or snowshoes, Ice Cream is a favorite regardless of what the thermometer reads. So, as we all hunker down this winter, remember that in Alaska, they don’t let the weather stand in the way of their favorite sweet treat!