National Ice Cream Month

We’re Celebrating National Ice Cream Month All Month Long!

Pro tips on how to celebrate all month long


July is, beyond measure, our favorite month. Why? Because it’s National Ice Cream Month, that’s why! Here at Cold Stone Creamery®, we obviously have a very big spot in our hearts (and room in our stomachs) for Ice Cream and we want to share our pro tips on how to celebrate this treat all month long.

Thursday, July 7th – World Chocolate Day and National Strawberry Sundae Day
Talk about a tasty twofer! Live it up on World Chocolate Day by adding in all of your fav chocolate mix-ins to make your perfect Creation™. Chocolate Chips, Brownies, and Fudge, oh yes! Sweet on National Strawberry Sundae Day instead? Well, then Who You Callin’ Shortcake?™ is the perfect Strawberry (Shortcake) Sundae order for you!

Saturday, July 9th – National Sugar Cookie Day
The best part about making Sugar Cookies is licking the Batter off the spoon. And this year, we delivered with the addition of our limited time Sugar Cookie Batter Ice Cream™. Enjoy this cool new confection in our new Creation™, Rainbow Cookie Batter™ or our festively fun Shake, Shake It, Cookie™. Get it now through September 6th.

Sunday, July 17th – National Ice Cream Day
It’s like Christmas in July…except we never wait 365 days to eat Ice Cream - that would be silly. But you best believe that when the day arrives, we go big! How big? It’s something to the tune of us eating a large Ice Cream Cake while we treat our friends and family to a big Cold Stone® catered party! We just love Ice Cream and National Ice Cream Day that much.

Plus, National Ice Cream Day will be extra sweet for members of the My Cold Stone Club. Be on the lookout for a Free Waffle Cone or Bowl with the purchase of a Creation in your inbox on Sunday, July 17th.

Saturday, July 23rd – Vanilla Ice Cream Day
When people say that something is so “Vanilla”, it’s rarely a compliment, except when it’s Vanilla Ice Cream Day! Can I get a whoop whoop?! We rock it old school by sipping on a Very Vanilla Shake, or digging in to the yummy Cookie Doughn’t You Want Some™ Creation™ made with French Vanilla Ice Cream. Either way, the day’s got us singing “Vanilla Ice Cream, baby!”

Saturday, July 30th – National Cheesecake Day
Sadly, National Ice Cream Month will have to come to an end until next year, but we’re going out screaming…for a Cheesecake Fantasy® or The Pie Who Loved Me™ Creation™! Or dream up your own recipe with a Create Your Own Creation™. Our pick: Cheesecake Ice Cream, mixed with Yellow Cake, Graham Cracker Pie Crust, Chocolate Chips and Cherry Pie Filling.

Even though there is but one official month a year dedicated to loving Ice Cream, we can’t stop (won’t stop) celebrating our favorite cool treat all-year-round!