Fresh Delights

Cold Stone Creamery® Creations and Donut Shake

We’re kicking our options up a notch! New this season, pick from four different varieties of treats ranging from shakes to sorbets.


You do not want to miss our new Blueberry Donut Ice Cream Shake. This satisfying surprise is comprised of Sweet Cream Ice Cream, fresh Blueberries with a Blueberry Donut blended in. But that’s not all folks! This tasty treat is topped off with a large dollop of Whipped Cream and a bonus Blueberry Donut - so dipping good!

 It comes down to the classic decision: salty or sweet? Give your indecisiveness a rest with our new gourmet Not So Vanilla™ Creation. The sweet and salty flavors of the Sea Salt Vanilla Bean Ice Cream complement the mixture of Caramel, Fudge and TAKE 5® Candy Bar pieces. The winning combination will satisfy both taste buds!

 Triple the Berry and triple the yum with our new Triple Berry Yogurt! Experience it at its best in our unique Donut Berry Yum™ Creation which includes our Triple Berry Yogurt, Whipped Topping, Blueberry Donut and fresh Blueberries.

 Take a tropical trip without the long plane ride with our new Berry Paradise Crunch™ Creation. This refreshing waffle cone of goodness is complete with delectable Hibiscus Sorbet, a double-dose of Berry Granola, and ripe and radiant Raspberries. Paradise awaits you!