Cold Stone Yogurt Bar™

We’re always going to be the Ultimate Ice Cream Experience®, but did you know we now offer the Ultimate Frozen Yogurt Experience, too? It’s true! We’re taking soft-serve frozen yogurt to the next level with our new Cold Stone Yogurt Bar™!

By incorporating this fresh, frozen yogurt concept into existing Cold Stone locations across the country, and in stand-alone stores outside the U.S., we can continue to add new and innovative tasty indulgences, like this sweet, creamy, and absolutely delicious FroYo, for you and your whole family to enjoy.

So the next time you’re looking for something besides ice cream, or if you prefer soft serve to our hard-packed frozen yogurt mixed on the stone, now you can still have it your way! Just grab a cup, choose from any of our amazing flavors, and fill it up! Then personalize it by adding your favorite mix-ins, syrups and more!

Just remember, flavors can vary depending on where you are in the world, so check with your local Cold Stone Yogurt Bar if you’re in the throes of a particular craving!

Looking for a Cold Stone Yogurt Bar near you? Just search for a store in your area, and click store details.