Ice Cream FAQ

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Absolutely! Just drop by a Cold Stone Creamery® near you and order one of our Mix & Go containers. We’ll fill it to the brim with your favorite ice cream and mix-ins and you’re ready to go. Visit our Mix & Go page for more details.

Unfortunately, we don’t ship ice cream from our Headquarter office, but you can always call a Cold Stone Creamery location near you (or near your destination) to speak to the owner or manager to see if shipping options are available.

Please be aware shipping ice cream can be expensive. It requires special insulated packaging using dry ice, must be sent via overnight shipping, and the person receiving it must be available to sign for it. All of this to ensure it’s received in good condition and as quickly as possible.

Before any mix-ins are added, our individual portion sizes are referred to as:

  • Like It™ - approximately 5 oz.
  • Love It™ - approximately 8 oz.
  • Gotta Have It™ - approximately 12 oz.

We also offer our smooth and creamy ice cream in larger portion sizes To Go

A Creation™ combines super-premium ice cream with a variety of mix-ins, like fruit, nuts, candies and other goodies customized for each customer, creating a mouthwatering dessert. Creations come in many forms, from standard cups to waffle bowls and even sugar cones. You can choose from our most popular Signature Creations™ or you can Create Your Own Creation!

A Cold Stone Signature Creation™ is a favorite ice cream recipe that features a special combination of ice cream and mix-ins. Some Signature Creations are tried and true favorites with a new twist, like Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip®; others are our own unique ice cream innovations, like Birthday Cake Remix™. Check out our Signature Creations page for a complete list. 

Please visit our Nutritional Information/Ingredient page to view nutritional & ingredient information for all of our products.

Please download our Food Allergies and Sensitivities PDF for learn specific details about the contents of our products.

Currently, our only lactose-free product is Sorbet. Although we take precautions by frequently cleaning the mixing stone, we can’t guarantee residual products containing lactose won’t accidentally be mixed into your ice cream. Additional nutritional information and ingredient statements can be found here.

Unfortunately, Cold Stone Creamery is not a nut-free environment. While we do our best to accommodate our customers’ special requests, we can’t guarantee with 100% confidence your product will be nut-free. Please be aware our products may contain traces of peanuts and tree nuts, either from a manufacturing facility or from preparation on-site. For additional allergen and sensitivities information, click here.

Cake Batter®, Cinnamon Bun, Cookie Dough, and Oatmeal Cookie Batter ice creams do contain gluten. Additionally, any candies that have a flour component to them also contain gluten. Although we take precautions by cleaning the mixing stone often, we can’t guarantee residual products containing gluten won’t accidentally be mixed into your ice cream. A complete list of products containing gluten can be found here.

We offer a variety of tasty treats specially created with our health-conscious customers in mind. We have Skinny Vanilla, which is a Reduced Fat, No Sugar Added ice cream, and multiple sorbets and yogurts. Visit our Yogurt & Sorbet page for details.

Currently, French Vanilla ice cream contains eggs, as do bakery items like cookie dough, waffle products, and brownies. Additionally, all of our Signature Cakes contain eggs. While we are always happy to accommodate special requests, we cannot guarantee our product to be 100% allergen free. A complete list of products containing eggs can be found here.

Although Cold Stone isn’t a kosher restaurant concept, the majority of our ingredients are kosher. The ice cream mix used to make our ice cream is certified kosher, meaning animal-based (beef, pork, etc.) ingredients are not used. The mono- and diglycerides we use are also not from animal sources. Additionally, many of our ice cream flavors are made with kosher ingredients, although agency certifications for the ingredients will vary depending on the product. We also have several store locations that are certified kosher. As all of our locations are individually owned and operated, you will need to ask your local store directly if they are certified kosher.

Yes, all ingredients used to make Cold Stone Creamery ice cream mix are pasteurized. Cold Stone is proud to say that we make our ice cream in store daily.