Specialty Locations

Oh sure, we do ice cream best, but that’s not all we do! From coffee and chocolates to sandwiches and soft serve yogurt, we’ve co-branded with some of the finest names in the quick-service industry.

What’s Co-Branding?

It’s the perfect pairing of Cold Stone with another quick service restaurant concept or our very own Yogurt Bar that our customers love. Want coffee or a tasty breakfast sandwich in the morning and your favorite flavored ice cream later that night? We’ve got you covered with our Tim Hortons® co-brand locations. Feeling like ice cream and some chocolate truffles? Yeah, with our Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory® co-brand, we can do that, too. Looking for a new soft serve Frozen Yogurt spot in your area? Try one of our Cold Stone Yogurt Bar co-brands or stand-alone locations!

Learn more about our co-brands below!

Tim Hortons® USA

Now you can enjoy the delicious coffee, donuts and fresh baked goods of Tim Hortons with your Cold Stone ice cream in the states!

Tim Hortons® CANADA

If you’re Canadian, you know the name Tim Hortons. Now your favorite café and bake shop offers your favorite ice cream with Cold Stone Creamery.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory®

With rows and rows of candy apples, chocolates and confections available at a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory co-brand... you’ll swear you’ve entered paradise as you step up to order.

Cold Stone Yogurt Bar

Are you ready for the Ultimate Soft-Serve Frozen Yogurt Experience? Then get ready to find a Cold Stone Yogurt Bar near you!